31 May 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • Peace-keepers attacked
  • Banadir administration calls on residents not to rush to areas seized from al Shabaab
  • Somalia’s trade commission in Nairobi donates food cash to drought – affected people in Somalia
  • Help Somalis rebuild their country by ensuring world attention and peace

Titres Principaux:

  • Des soldats de la paix attaqués
  • L’administration de Banadir appelle ses résidents à ne pas se précipiter vers les territoires arrachés à al Shabaab
  • La commission de commerce Somalienne à Nairobi fait donation de nourriture et d’argent liquide aux victimes de la sécheresse en Somalie
  • Aider les Somaliens à reconstruire leur pays en assurant l’attention et la paix globalement


One killed in Mogadishu Bomb blast

30 May – Source: Radio Shabelle – 42 words

At least one person has been confirmed dead and six others injured in a roadside bomb attack that took place in Dharkenley today. TFG officials said that the explosion was very heavy and could be heard in several parts of the capital.

Banadir administration calls on residents not to rush to areas seized from al Shabaab

30 May- Source: Radio Mogadishu, SONNA- 142 words

The Banadir administration in Mogadishu has called on the Somali people not to be in a rush to relocate to areas taken into control by the Somali government forces as there are possibilities of either counter-attacks or landmines.

Somalia’s trade commission in Nairobi donates food, cash to drought-affected people in Somalia

30 May- Source: Horn Cable TV- 28 words

Somalia’s trade commission in Nairobi, Kenya will donate food and cash to drought-affected Somali people living in the country. Members of the commission briefed yesterday the media about the donations.

South Africa Conference seeks what’s next for Somalis after August

30 May- Source: Hiiraan- 315 words

A conference organized by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD), a South African-based civil society organization, kicked off on Monday in Johannesburg to seek solutions for Somalia’s aggravating situation and discuss what is next after the TFG’s mandate expiration.

http://www.hiiraan.com/news2/2011/May/south_africa_conference_seeks_what_next_for_somal i_after_august.aspx

Somali house speaker holds session with the Djibouti President

30 May- Source: Somali National News Agency- 212 words

The Djibouti President Ismail Omar Gelle and the Transitional Federal Parliament house Speaker Sharif Hassan held a lengthy session where the two talked about the issues that affect Somalia, insisting on the ways to tackle the end of the transitional period in Somalia.


Somali forces in Gedo region complain of lack of monthly payments

30 May- Source: Shabelle- 105 words

The TFG’s military force in Gedo said they had deserted several areas in the region confiscated from al Shabaab. Officials told Shabelle journalists on behalf of Somali forces in Gedo that they did so in protest of lack of monthly payments.


Puntland government dismisses Financial Times report as propaganda

30 May – Source: Radio Kulmiye – 56 words

The Government of Puntland categorically rejects a report published on 27 May, 2011 by the Financial Times as propaganda, adding that the government has no connection whatsoever with foreign security firms that transport ransom payments through international airports.


Suicide blast hits Somali capital

30 May – Source: Aljazeera – 216 words

At least two soldiers with the African Union forces (AMISOM) in Somalia have been killed in a suicide bombing attack on a peacekeeping base in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.



Peace-keepers attacked

30 May – Source: The New York Times/ Reuters/AP – 87 words

The African Union said on Monday that three people were killed when a suicide bomber and other militants attacked a peacekeeping base in Mogadishu. Two of the Union’s soldiers, one fighter from a government-allied militia were killed and five soldiers were wounded in the attack, the group said.

Why we must defeat Somali piracy

30 May – Source: The Washington Times – 544 words

The proliferation of piracy in the waters off the East African state of Somalia has constituted a severe threat to international shipping since the early 1990s. The United States, its European allies, Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and even China and India are gravely concerned about this threat to their vessels’ safety.


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