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November 11, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report.
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Somali Government “Concerned” About Former Head Of State Comments

11 November – Source: Halbeeg – 201 Words

Somali Federal Government said it is very concerned about a comment made by the former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Sunday. Minister for Information, Mohamed Hayir Mareye termed the remarks made by the former President after he visited flooded hit city of Beledweyn as “astonishing”. Sheikh Sharif blamed President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s government for disrespecting the constitution through violation of freedom warning that if the current administration will not desist they will use all necessary to stop it. He condemned an alleged attempt by the aviation authority to block his flight trip to deliver aid to affected citizens in Hiiran region. “The Somali government is surprised by the remarks made by the former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed,” the Information Minister Mohamed Abdi Mareye said. “The remarks are below the status and dignity of what was expected from the former leader.” Press Statement from the Ministry of Information appealed to the former President to respect his status and avoid a move that harms his national reputation. “The Somali government, former head of states and all others that value the development of the country have the responsibility to safeguard the unity, safety, and security of the nation.” The statement said.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Government “Concerned” About Former Head Of State Comments (Halbeeg)
  • Al-Shabaab Retreats From Mudug Region (Goobjoog)
  • Somali PM Off To France For Paris Peace Forum (Radio Shabelle)
  • Pilot Was Advised To ‘Fly At Own Discretion’ To Beletweyne- SCAA (Hiiraan Online)
  • Somaliland: TV Journalists Assaulted And Briefly Detained For Covering Protest In Hargeisa (Somali Affairs)
  • The State Of Qatar Sends The Second Batch Of Humanitarian Aid To The Brothers In Somalia (Qatar Fund for Development)
  • School Infrastructure Boost The European Union Gands Over New Schools And Classrooms In Somaliland (European Union)
  • Is Somalia Gradually Inching Towards Debt Cancellation? (Hiiraan Online)


Al-Shabaab Retreats From Mudug Region

11 November – Source: Goobgoog – 104 Words

Reports from southern Mudug region of central Somalia say that Al-Shabaab militias have withdrawn from areas in Xara-Dheere district in Mudug region. Militia forces have vacated from Deeqlo and Maraale in Xarardheere district following heavy threats from the country’s armed forces in pursuit of hideouts in some areas. Security officials from the Armed Forces told the media that the militants have vacated the region, after the Somali National Army carried out shelling last week, saying that the operations posted on villages in hiding Galmudug areas. Al-Shabaab militias are causing civilian casualties in the area, and have faced heavy fears following operations in the region.

Somali PM Off To France For Paris Peace Forum

10 November – Source: Radio Shabelle – 121 Words

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khaire, travelled to France to attend the annual Paris Peace Forum which will kick off between November 11-13, 2019. According to the Office of the PM, the Forum for Peace in Paris, the annual international will focus on ways to resolve the problems in the world. The Prime Minister will hold a panel discussion with some of the leaders attending the meeting. Meanwhile, Khaire is expected to pay a visit to Brussels, Belgium, where he will meet the new European Union leadership. The Prime Minister’s visit to France and Belgium is part of the acceleration of national development agendas and efforts to pardon the debt owed to the Somali nation.

Pilot Was Advised To ‘Fly At Own Discretion’ To Beletweyne- SCAA

10 November – Source: Hiiraan Online  – 372 Words

The pilot of the plane carrying former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed and a host of MPs to Beletweyne was advised to ‘fly at his own discretion’ to Beletweyne Monday, HOL has learnt. Authorities at Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) told HOL up to 600 metres of the runway was wet but in line with aviation rules, gave the pilot the right to fly at his own discretion. According to the aviation body, the runway was wet and not safe for flights to land following the ongoing flooding in Beletweyne that has since displaced thousands of people. HOL also learnt Prime Minister Hassan Khaire cut off his travel to Beletweyne owing to the state of the airport.

HirShabelle President Mohamed Waare told journalists earlier the two presidents turned a deaf ear to his advice regarding the state of the airport. “Since the airport is under my jurisdiction, I advised them against flying to Beletweyne because I should also take responsibility for their safety,” Waare said. “Hassan Sheikh Mohamud told me I am just the president of HirShabelle and not an aviator.” The pilot tried at least two times to land before finally landing the Folker 50 aircraft according to SCAA officials in Mogadishu. According to aviation rules, the pilot is the one in command and can decide based on advice from aviation authorities whether to fly unless in instances where the aviation body deliberately notifies the pilots of the closure of the airport.

Sources separately told HOL the distrust between the opposition leaders and the Federal Government may have necessitated the decision by the former presidents to dismiss advise against flying to Beletweyne. Former president Sheikh Sharif Ahmed was barred from travelling to Kismayu in late September to attend the inauguration of Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe sparking rebuke by the opposition leaders against the federal government. The two presidents accused the federal government of ‘weaponising the airspace’ and denying members of the public their right to travel. In Mogadishu Sunday morning, the opposition leaders remained stranded for a couple of hours with some MPs saying the government had intentionally blocked them from travelling to Beletweyne. The opposition leaders were delivering humanitarian supplies to victims of the ongoing floods in Beletweyne.

Somaliland: TV Journalists Assaulted And Briefly Detained For Covering Protest In Hargeisa

10 November – Source: Somali Affairs – 421 Words

Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) condemns the beating, harassment meant to silence and unlawful detention against two TV journalists in Hargeisa on Sunday 10 November, 2019. Around 9.30 am police officers accompanied by employees from a private business company called Deero Group assaulted and beat up Bulsho TV reporter, Ahmed Nur Isse Mohamed (Samrawi) and Horyaal24 TV reporter, Ibrahim Abdirahman Ibrahim (Jokar) while covering a protest by local traders who complained about unpaid dues against Deero Group in Hargeisa. According to two colleagues who spoke to SJS and photos shared on social media, the journalists were forced to halt filming and interviewing protesters. Then police started beating up the two reporters who both sustained slight injuries. Bulsho TV journalist Ahmed Samrawi complains from back, knee and elbow injuries as he fell to the ground after a police officer hit him a wooden baton, while Horyaal24 TV reporter Ibrahim Jokar’s camera was damaged. “ They were taken to the Hargeisa Central Police Station where they were detained until 3.00 pm local time before they were released,” one colleague told SJS “The journalists were not allowed to see a doctor.” Around 3.00 pm the two reporters were released without charges but on a condition that they refrain from reporting about the assault against them and the news of the protest they were covering in the morning. “At first police agreed to set free the pair, but people from the private company pressured the police and brought a condition that the journalists had to give oral consent that they will not report about the assault and the protest,” a senior news editor who spoke to SJS on anonymity condition added……


The State Of Qatar Sends The Second Batch Of Humanitarian Aid To The Brothers In Somalia

10 November – Source: Qatar Fund for Development  – 408 Words

Under the directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the second batch of humanitarian aid provided by the State of Qatar through Qatar Fund for Development for those affected by the flood disaster in the Federal Republic of Somalia arrived to the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on Thursday evening. A military plane belonging to the Emiri Air Force landed Adam Adi International Airport in Mogadishu loaded with (44) tons of various aid including medicines, blankets, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, gloves, water filters, iron and plastic jerry cans. The aid was accompanied by a delegation from Qatar Fund for Development and a search and rescue team (Lekhwiya). The delegation was welcomed by a number of Somali government officials and representatives of the international community such as H.E. Mr. Hamza Saeed Hamza, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, H.E. Mr. Hassan bin Hamza Hashim, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia,  and H.E. Mr. Adam Abdelmawla, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Somalia. Mr. Cesar Arroyo, WFP Representative in Somalia. Representatives of the European Union, the African Union, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), parliamentarians and members of the Qatari-Somali Parliamentary Friendship Committee…….

School Infrastructure Boost, The European Union Gands Over New Schools And Classrooms In Somaliland

10 November – Source: European Union – 386 Words

Today, about 10,000 children (50% girls) in Somaliland will have access to expanded quality education through improved learning environment, thanks to the school infrastructure support provided by the European Union. School facilities comprising 10 new schools, 65 new classrooms, 30 renovated classrooms and school furniture were handed over to the Somaliland Ministry of Education and Science at a ceremony held in Mandheera, Sahil region. The event was graced by the Vice President of Somaliland H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail, the EU Ambassador H.E. Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Osman Jama Adan, implementing partners among other stakeholders. During the handover ceremony, the Minister of Education and Science Hon. Osman Jama Adan said, “Our appreciation goes to the European Union for its consistent support towards the implementation of our Education Sector Strategic Plan. Improved school facilities are necessary to attract and retain children in school. It is also an important ingredient in our quest to provide quality education to the children in Somaliland.

At the event, European Union Ambassador H.E. Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga Martinez reaffirmed EU’s continued support to the education sector in Somaliland and said ”The support provided in these schools in the form of physical facilities, teacher training and school supplies among others is set to provide a conducive learning environment that promotes wholesome development of learners. This is part of EU’s effort to promote access to quality education that nurtures human development” “The school infrastructure development has mainly occurred in remote rural areas and this will expand education opportunities for the most marginalized children in Somaliland. We will work towards improving quality of education as well as the capacity of the education system” Said Mr. Mohamud Mohamed Hassan, the Save the Children Country Director.  Education stakeholders will convene in Hargeisa on 11-12 November to jointly review the progress of the Somaliland Education Sector against the five years Education Sector Strategic Plan (2017-2021 ESSP)…….


“Economists across the globe agree that the more revenue a government gets, the better is its ability to render financial and public services. Somalia’s Minister Beileh seems to recognize as a matter of fact. “We are slowly changing the tax evasion culture to complement the improving revenue collection from port and airport of Mogadishu as well a sales tax,” remarked the Finance Minister on the 4th of May this year.”

Is Somalia Gradually Inching Towards Debt Cancellation?

10 November – Source: Hiiraan Online – 2766 Words

Saturday, 19th of October 2019, seems to have been a glorious day for Somalia’s efforts to gain debt relief. In a visit to the United States of America, a high powered Somali delegation led by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, including Finance Minister Abdirahman Duale Beileh, met with donors and the bosses of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The occasion was the Autumn Meeting in Washington DC in 2019, which offered PM Khayre and his companions the opportunity to meet with officials from crucial partners including, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and Norway. Others are from the UK, Qatar, Sweden, Germany, France, and the US Treasury. The IMF’s new managing director, Kristalina Georgieva, expressed enthusiasm upon receiving the officials from the Horn of Africa nation. “I assured the Prime Minister of the IMF’s full support for Somalia’s efforts to secure debt relief, including working with the membership of the Fund to secure the financial resources necessary to clear arrears to the IMF and cover the costs of debt relief,” Georgieva said, as quickly reported by Reuters. Most of the folks in Somalia welcomed the positive news from Washington DC; some, however, warned the Somali government against complacency. Omar Abdulle Hayle, a fishery expert in Mogadishu, indicated a more stern fight waiting for Somalia’s economic team. “The financial delegates may have to be skilled with ‘Kungfu kicks and Karate fists’ if they are to negotiate their way to debt cancellation,” remarked Hayle, wearing a broad smile.

International keenness towards Somalia’s financial development appears gathering momentum. On the 2nd of October, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) issued a summary of the communiqué that came out of the Somalia Partners Forum (SPF) meeting held in Mogadishu on 1-2 October 2019. “International partners recognised Somalia’s achievements and commended the leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) for the significant progress in implementing reforms including improved public financial management and revenue generation as well as consultations on a new National Development Plan,” partly read the UNSOM summarised communiqué. The meeting offered Somali officials and more than 50 international delegates the opportunities to examine a wide range of issues and reached agreements on many of the discussed agenda items. “Somalia and its international partners agreed on a Mutual Accountability Framework to narrow their joint focus to priority areas for action and resources to achieve key priority outcomes before December 2020,” the UNSOM summary added.

The SPF meeting participants very much hoped that the country would eventually secure debt relief, mainly via the ongoing IMF Staff Monitored Program (SMP 4). Over the past two years, Somalia had gone through a series of SMPs, namely SMP I, SMP II, and SMP III. The communiqué emphasized, reading, “Somalia committed to meet in full the benchmarks in its fourth IMF Staff Monitored Program (SMP IV), and international partners committed to actively support the FGS to meet the benchmarks building on the significant progress to date, and to take the necessary steps to prepare for an anticipated Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Decision Point in early 2020.”

Development scholars like John Hurley illustrated, over two years ago, the way forward for Somalia’s debt cancellation drive. In May 2017, John Hurley published a piece on the website of the Center for Global Development (CGD), titled Somalia Debt Relief: A Longer-Term Proposition. He authoritatively predicted that the multilayer process would take more than two years, suggesting that Somalia should borrow a leaf from the experience of the West African country Liberia’s arrear clearance/debt relief. “While Somalia’s challenges are much more difficult, the debt relief process in Liberia successfully established the building blocks for sound economic policy and basic institution building,” wrote Hurley, cautioning that there could be bumps, if not boulders, in the road ahead………..

Top tweets

@SomaliaMolsa:H.E Minister @HonWarfa jetted back from Washington D.C where he held meeting with @WorldBank vice president, discussed on the social protection & jobs creation programs. the upcoming #SNHC project funded by WB will target 1.2million vulnerable HHs in #Somalia in the next 3 years

@SomaliaMolsa: Minister @HonWarfa makes a surprise visit to the reconstruction site of the ministry building. The minister also commends the DG, Departmental Heads and staff for their continuous of the day-to-day activities while the ministry is undergoing extensive reconstruction.

@HassanAKhaire: Departed for the @ParisPeaceForum and EU Headquarters to advance #Somalia’s national development agenda & our Debt Relief Campaign #HiigsiIyoHorumar #AmaanoIyoAdeeg

@MDhaaysane: According to local media, Former Somali parliament speaker Sheikh Adan Madobe, Senators @IlyasAliHassan and other politicians from #FNP will travel to the flood-hit town of Berdale, Southwestern Somalia on Monday. Somali PM @HassanAKhaire previously paid a visit to the town

@Magdashi3: BREAKING: Laud explosion said to be an IED targeting #SNA troops convoy have been reported in the road between #Mogadishu and #Afgoye towns short while ago, Initial reports say the explosion hit pick up vehicle carrying SNA soldiers heading into #Somalia capital. Resident

@SomaliaPdrc: Strategic discussion meeting between @InterpeaceTweet led by Interpeace Country Director @Ahmed_Nabaddoon and @SomaliaPdrc, Discussion on. Democratization process and supporting National and State level elections.

@unicefsomalia: “We faced heavy rains, scorching sun, heat. @UNICEF helps us,” said one of the women displaced. “They treat mothers & give us a lot of good support.” W/ partners, we support the recovery of families & children displaced by #SomaliaFloods. #ForEveryChild, hop

@FAOSomalia: 2 more @theOFDA @USAIDSomalia funded #LEGS trainings by @FAO: –#Garowe #Puntland 21 Govt Staff. –#Hargeisa #Somaliland 2 FAO & 21 Govt staff, mostly women! Watch what trainees like Sabah learnt to put in place livelihood-based livestock interventions in emergency responses

@aysanei: In crisis time, the whole purpose of leaders is to show unity, but in #Somalia, it’s unfortunate that the crises are politicized and exploited. What would have been the image if they go together to #beledweynefloods? Opportunity was missed.

@htfsomalia: Our team visited Bule-Mugdi & Gubadley health centres in #Mogadishu. Both are supported by @htfsomalia& run in partnership with @ICRC. @Hormuudis committed to supporting & enabling more clinics that provide free healthcare services in #Somalia

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