October 28, 2019 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Ugandan Legislators On Working Visit To Somalia To Assess Welfare Of Ugandan Troops In AMISOM(AMISOM)
  • Aid Reaches Flood Victims In Beledweyne (Halbeeg)
  • President Farmajo Calls On African Leaders To Implement Outcome Of Russia Summit (Halbeeg)
  • U.S. Airstrike Targets ISIS-Somalia In Support Of The Federal Government Of Somalia (AFRICOM)
  • Remarks At A UN Security Council Briefing On The Situation In Somalia(US Mission in the UN)
  • Terror Funding: Kenya Warns Of Informal Money Sources
  • (Daily Nation)

  • Somalia Says Shell Exxon Agree To Pay $1.7 Million For Oil Blocks Lease(Reuters)
  • Kuwait Affirms Necessity Of Enforcing Security And Stability(KUNA)
  • A Somali Refugee Just Became The Director Of The Seattle Clinic Where She Was Cared For As A Child(CNN)
October 28, 2019 | Morning Headlines

October 25, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Female SNA And AMISOM Soldiers In Joint Awareness Training On Women’s Participation On Peace And Security(AMISOM)
  • President Farmajo’s Speech At The Africa-Russia Summit In Sochi(Villa Somalia)
  • Japan Promises Stronger Ties With Somalia (Radio Dalsan)
  • Over 20000 Soccer Fans Sent Out Of Eng. Yarisow Stadium As Saboteurs Disconnect Power In The Night(Radio Dalsan)
  • Somalia Authorities Hand Over Two Al-Shabaab Suspects To Kenyan Police (Standard Media)
  • Tens Of Thousands OF Flood-hit Families In Hiraan Urgently Need Humanitarian Aid 
  • (Save the Children Somalia)

  • Somalia Restores Monuments Wrecked During Civil War(VOA)
  • Mandera Driver Saves Passengers From Suspected Al-Shabaab(Daily Nation)
  • Overcoming Tensions Between Communities And The Police In Somalia(Safer World)
October 25, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

October 25, 2019 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Thousands At Risk As Juba And Shabelle Rivers Near Breaking Point(Hiiraan Online)
  • Boost To Debt Relief Process As Senate Passes Revenue Bill (Goobjoog)
  • SNA Continue to Weaken Al-Shabaab’s Power In Somalia (SONNA)
  • Somalia Seeks To Benefit From Russia’s Renewed Africa Interest (SONNA)
  • High-Level UN-AU Delegation Highlight Somalia’s Progress And Challenges With Women In Peace And Security(UNSOM)
  • Somalia Advancing Towards ‘Inclusive And Peaceful Future’ For Women Deputy UN Chief
  • (UN)

  • Accused Somali Pirates Arraigned On Hostage-Taking(Courthouse News)
  • Renewed Hope: Rebuilding Somalia’s National Army(Daily Sabah)
October 25, 2019 | Morning Headlines

October 24, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • AU Special Envoy Bineta Diop Advocates For More Women Participation In The Somali Peace Process(AMISOM)
  • Warsheikh District Official Succumbs To Injuries On Pistol Accident (Halbeeg)
  • Somalia PM Hosts High-Level UN And AU Delegation (SONNA)
  • Somali Galmudug Sufi Group Announces Parallel Poll Committee (Somali Affairs)
  • Somalia Hands Over Two Al-Shabaab Suspects To Kenyan Police(UNSOM)
  • Somali Refugee Named Director Of Seattle Clinic That Cared For Her As A Child
  • (K5 News)

  • Meet The Man Using Basketball To End Polio (Global Polio Eradication Initiative)
October 24, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

October 24, 2019 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Government-Appointed Technical Committee Arrives In Dhusamareb(Somali Affairs)
  • Somalia’s Jubaland Renames Airport After Detained Minister (Somali Affairs)
  • Somali Herders Hooked Up To Solar Power By Payment Of A Goat (Radi Ergo)
  • FESOJ Welcomes Puntland Media Association’s Efforts To Secure Release Of Journalist (FESOJ)
  • Garissa Leaders Unite Against Violent Extremism(Hivi Sasa)
  • The Growing Threat Of IED Attacks
  • (KBC)

  • Settling In And Getting To Work For His Future(Church World Service)
  • Peacebuilding In Somalia – Another Victim Of Climate Change?(Reuters)
October 24, 2019 | Morning Headlines

October 23, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • EU Naval Force Rescues Seven Somali Navy Sailors(Xinhua)
  • President Farmajo In Sochi For Russia-Africa Summit (Halbeeg)
  • Puntland: Authorities Drop Charges Against Journalist ”tallman” Following His Apology (MAP)
  • Waddani Party Leader Accuses Somaliland President Of Violating Recent Political Agreement (Somaliland.com)
  • UN Senior Official Due In Somalia On Plight Of Children Affected By Armed Conflict(Xinhua)
  • Detectives Say Terror Suspects Planned Attack On Mashujaa Day
  • (Daily Nation)

  • Somalia’s 2.6m Internally Displaced Citizens In Need Of Water Shelter And Health(IOM)
  • Somalia Must Explain Missing Cash Before Receiving More Foreign Aid(Washington Examiner)
  • Reconciliation Process Of Galmudug State: Success Factors And Lessons Learned(Wardheer News)
October 23, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

October 23, 2019 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Madobe Retains Deputies Amid Expected Cabinet Line-up(Hiiraan Online)
  • My New Office In Sanag Region Is To Forge Cooperation With The Locals Says Minister Gamal(Radio Dalsan)
  • New school In Conflict-torn Central Somali Villages Aims To Foster Peace Through Education (Radio Ergo)
  • Kenya To Continue Pushing For Al-Shabaab To Be Declared Terrorist Group – DCI (Standard Media)
  • Socialist Somalia: The legacy Of Barre’s Military Regime (TRT World)
  • Abdi Warsame’s Stature In Cedar-Riverside And Beyond
  • (MN Daily)

  • Rochester Program Aims To Help New Arrivals Navigate Public Safety(Sahan Journal)
October 23, 2019 | Morning Headlines

October 22, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Conflict And Drought Displace 300000 In Somalia So Far This Year(Norwegian Refugee Council)
  • Puntland Leader Appoints Director Generals For Various Ministries(Halbeeg)
  • Somali-Canadian Minister Re-elected MP In Canada (Goobjoog)
  • Puntland: MAP Launches Somalia’s First Ever Media Gender Policy (MAP)
  • Former Radio Director Charged With Incitement In Somalia’s Puntland(Somali Affairs)
  • USAID Announces More Aid for Somalia
  • (VOA)

  • Humanitarian Impact of Flooding(OCHA)
  • Has Somalia Learnt Critical Lessons After Worst Terror Attack?(Standard Media)
October 22, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

October 22, 2019 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • SNA Deputy Chief And Land Forces Commander Takes Office(Halbeeg)
  • Fighter Jets Bombard Al-Shabaab Bases In Lower Juba (Goobjoog)
  • Farmajo Heads For Russia-Africa Summit As Somalia Seeks International Investment(Hiiraan Online)
  • A Boat Carrying Government Soldiers Sink At The Coast Of Marka (Goobjoog)
  • Somali Lawmakers Barred From Opening Offices In Puntland State(Somali Affairs)
  • Somali Cash Consortium Releases Emergency Funding As Drought Forces Thousands To Leave Their Homes
  • (Concern Worldwide)

  • Kakooza Mutale Onyango-Obbo Give Geopolitics Conference Dramatic Climax(Independent UG)
  • First IOM International Charter Flight From Ethiopia Brings 154 Refugees To New Homes In Germany(IOM)
  • President Siad Barre: Memories 50 Years Later(Radio Dalsan)
October 22, 2019 | Morning Headlines

October 21, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • President Farmajo Departs For Moscow For Russia-Africa Summit (Halbeeg)
  • Prominent Kismayo Elder Gunned Down In A Spate Of Killings Targeting Elders(Hiiraan Online)
  • Mogadishu District Official Returns To Work Three Months After Al-Shabaab Suicide Attack (Halbeeg)
  • Yarisow’s Ex-Media Officer Arrested Over Late Mayor’s Facebook (Radio Dalsan)
  • Somalia Launches Unified Licensing Framework For ICT (SONNA)
  • President Farmajo Inaugurates National Heroes Statues In Mogadishu
  • (Halbeeg)

  • Somali And US Officials Discuss Progress Made(Halbeeg)
  • Somalia Aims To Reduce Poverty Pump Up Infrastructure After Debt Erased((Reuters)
  • S. Africa: Refugees Keep Up Protests For Resettlement(Anadolu Agency)
  • Kenya National Theatre Hosts Annual Somali Heritage Festival (Daily Nation)
October 21, 2019 | Daily Monitoring Report