06 Jun 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • AMISOM recovers bulldozer from trench system
  • Somali premier welcomes Yuweri Museveni’s speech
  • Somali Speaker reiterates call for holding elections
  • Somalia gov’t AMISOM take over al Shabaab supply routes
  • Burundi president will not abandon mission in Somalia
  • UN envoy proposes setting benchmarks to move Somalia to next political phase

Titres Principaux:

  • L’AMISOM reccupère un bulldozer provenant du système de tranchées
  • Le premier ministre Somalien fait les louanges du discours de Yuweri Museveni
  • Le porte-parole parlementaire Somalien reitère ses appel à tenir les elections plus tard
  • Le gouvernement Somalien et l’AMISOM prennent contrôle d’une route utilisée par al Shabaab pour acheminer leurs denrées
  • Le président Somalien n’abandonnera pas la mission de son pays en Somali
  • Un envoyé de l’ONU propose l’installation d’un système de références afin d’accompagner la Somalie dans sa prochaine phase politique


AMISOM recovers bulldozer from trench system

05 Jun – AMISOM Force HQ – 357 words

AMISOM forces have recovered anarmoured bulldozer after it caught fire whilst clearing routes across theinsurgents’ trench system during operations in Bondere district yesterday.

Operating right on the frontline, armoured bulldozers assist AMISOM forces to repair roads, cut by the AlQaeda linked extremists, as they push forward and take new ground.

The trenches have been dug bythe insurgents to provide protected resupply routes close to AMISOM positionsand to prevent AMISOM vehicles from advancing. Some are dug under theroad so that armoured vehicles fall through the undisturbed surfaceunexpectedly. Trench systems can be as long as 1.5kms long, and requireengineer expertise to breach. AMISOM are supported by UNMAS in this task.

Yesterday afternoon, as anengineer bulldozer was clearing a route across a trench during operations inBondere, it was struck and set alight by small arms fire and became trapped inthe trench it was clearing. AMISOM deployed troops forward to engage theinsurgents and push them back to ease recovery of the vehicle. No tank wasdamaged or lost. The bulldozer has been safely recovered and is being serviced for a return to operations.


Somali premier welcomes Yuweri Museveni’s speech

04 Jun- Source: Mareeg – 117 words

Somali PM, Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo has warmly welcomed the speech of Yuweri Museveni, the Ugandan president at the International Contact Group for Somalia meeting in Kampala yesterday, state media said.


Demonstration held in Mogadishu to support Ugandan, Burundian presidents

05 Jun- Source: Radio Mogadishu- 20 words

A demonstration was held in Mogadishu to support the Ugandan, Burundian presidents’ suggestion to extend the transitional government’s term by one year.The demonstrators showed also their support for the government pertaining to the recent security developments in the capital.

Section of Somali MPs support Ugandan leader’s call for govt term extension

04 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle- 404 words

Almost a 100 members of the Federal Somali Parliament have today held a meeting in Mogadishu in which they expressed support for the statement by the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni in which he calls for an extension of the TFG’s term in office by one year. The MPs also opposed a statement by some of their colleagues in Nairobi, Kenya, asking the Ugandan president to stop meddling in Somalia’s internal affairs.

Government forces close radio station in Mogadishu

05 Jun- Sourec: Radio RBC- 73 words

Ali Mohamad, a newscaster at Jubba radio told RBC Radio that forces loyal to Wadajir district commissioner Ahmed Da’i came into the radio’s compound on Saturday and ordered to air off the radio, before detaining three journalists. “the exact reason for the closure of the radio is unclear” Ali Mohamed added.

Somali Speaker reiterates call for holding elections

04 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle-139 words

The Speaker of the Federal Somali Parliament, Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan, has held a news conference on Saturday in which he spoke about the International Contact Group’s discussion on the situation in Somalia and said it was not possible to elect a new parliament at this time, arguing that the selection of MPs in the current parliament took a very long time.

Somali government executes soldier over murder

05 Jun- Source: Radio Simba- 48 words

The TFG’s court martial has executed a government soldier in Mogadishu’s School Policia in the early hours of yesterday morning. The executed soldier is said to have deliberately killed another government soldier on April 29th in neighbourhood of Xosh in Mogadishu’s Dharkeenley District.

Ahlu Sunna, al Shabaab battle in central Somalia

05 Jun- Source: Shabelle- 131 words

Ahlu Sunna Waljama and al Shabaab fighters clashed Sunday in parts of Hiiraan region in central Somalia. Local inhabitants told Shabelle Radio that the confrontation broke out after al Shabaab fighters launched a surprise attack on military positions manned by Ahlu Sunna fighters in the Mahas area in the region.


Al Shabaab arrested in parts of Gedo Region

04 Jun- Source: Bariga Afrika – 137 words

Somali government officials in Gedo region claim that they have arrested about 13 al Shabaab fighters after a crackdown in parts of the region.


AMISOM says they take over overall Bondhere district

05 Jun- Source: Shabelle-116 words

The AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia on Saturday claimed that the TFG forces and AMISOM have fully confiscated Mogadishu’s Bondhere district. Prosper Hakizimana, a spokesman for the AU forces said that government forces with the help of AMISOM have launched a premeditated offensive on bases manned by al Shabaab fighters in northern Mogadishu.



Somalia gov’t, AMISOM take over al Shabaab supply routes

05 Jun- Source: Daily Monitor- 453 words

The Damanyo military camp, popularly known as Shirkole Ofishiale, is now under the control of TFG forces and AU peacekeepers, the AMISOM force said yesterday. Damanyo was the only remaining al Shabaab outpost on the West of the Somali capital Mogadishu and used to be a major supply route for the extremists.


Burundi president will not abandon mission in Somalia

04 Jun – Source: New Vision- 443 words

Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza has said that his country will not abandon the liberation mission in Somalia but warned that unsteady facilitation and inadequacy of troops could undermine recent gains.

http://www.sundayvision.co.ug/detail.php?mainNewsCategoryId=7&newsCategoryId=128&new sId=756637

AMISOM captures more territory

05 Jun- Source: New Vision – 369 words

The TFG’s and the AMISOM’s troops have made major gains against Islamist rebels in intense fighting in Mogadishu over the last week. Somali government forces supported by AMISOM troops on Thursday captured Damanyo military camp, also known as Shirkole Ofishiale.


Ugandan Colonel killed in Somalia

06 Jun – Source: Daily Monitor- 277 words

A senior commander of Uganda Battle Group Six has been killed in an attack by al Shabaab militants in Mogadishu. According to military sources, the Lieutenant Colonel was killed on Saturday with five other tank crew members including a Lieutenant while supervising new areas captured by the Ugandan peacekeepers on Thursday. The commander is the highest ranking Ugandan officer to be killed in Somalia.


Four held on suspicion of terror links

05 Jun- Source: Daily Nation- 238 words

Four Somalis suspected to be linked to an international terrorist organisation were on Sunday arrested by police in Kirinyaga County. The suspects were seized as they took photographs of tall buildings in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

http://www.nation.co.ke/News/regional/Four+held+on+suspicion+of+terror+links+/- /1070/1175602/-/chrs3cz/-/index.html

Appeal judges block sale of Somalia’s Nairobi embassy

03 Jun- Source: Daily Nation- 368 words

The Court of Appeal has stopped Somalia from selling its Sh400 million-worth embassy in Nairobi. Appellate judges Erustus Githinji, Philip Waki and Alnashir Visram blocked the TFG from disposing of the asset. The property had been sold to a city trader, Mr Suleiman Rahimtulla Omar, for Sh15 million by former ambassador Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed.



African Union reports progress against militants in Somali capital, taking 2 new districts

04 Jun- Source: Washington Post – 117 words

The African Union force in the Somalia capital says progress is being made against militants in Mogadishu. The African Union said Saturday that AU and Somali troops have expelled al Shabaab militants from two more districts in the capital.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/african-union-reports-progress-against-militants-insomali- capital-taking-2-new-districts/2011/06/04/AGqVhsIH_story.html

UN envoy proposes setting benchmarks to move Somalia to next political phase

03 Jun- Source: UN News Centre- 355 words

The United Nations envoy for Somalia has proposed the setting up of benchmarks and a monitoring mechanism to encourage the Transitional Federal Institutions (TFI) to abide by obligations requiring them to prepare the country for a new political phase beyond August, when the current interim arrangement expires.


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