06 Jun 2011 – Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines:

  • Bondere and Hodan districts secured
  • Somali leader parliament speaker meet in Kampala
  • OIC participates in the 19th Session of the ICG Meeting on Somalia
  • Somali govt orders NGOs working in health care to register
  • AMISOM says captures key Somali district from rebels
  • Museveni meets Burundi President

Titres Principaux:

  • Les districts de Bondere et Hodan pris en contrôle
  • Le chef Somalien et le porte-parole du parlement se rencontrent à Kampala
  • L’OIC participe à la 19ème session de la réunion du ICG sur la Somalie
  • Le gouvernement Somalien ordonne aux ONGs travaillant dans le domaine de la santé à se déclarer
  • L’AMISOM arrache un district-clé des mains des rebelles
  • Museveni rencontre le président Bouroundais


Bondere and Hodan districts secured

06 Jun Source: AMISOM Force HQ- 299 words

TFG and AMISOM forces have now taken control of two further districts in Mogadishu. Hodan District (South of Industrial Road) was secured following operations by the Burundi contingent to clear insurgents to the East of Terebunka Road two days ago.

With offensive operations switching to the Uganda contingent in the East of the City, the combined Government and African Union troops have secured the District of Bondere and in doing so have now pushed al Shabaab insurgents over a kilometre from Villa Somalia, the seat of Government in the City.

Extremists have now been cleared from major landmarks and buildings such as the Former Ministry of Interior, the Italian and Syrian Embassies, Bondere District Headquarters, Monopolyo Junction and the Somaliweyne Radio station.

The body of a suspected Pakistani foreign fighter has been recovered. Extremists are now attempting to re-group in the neighbouring district of Shibis and to the North of the Wadnaha Road from where counter attacks are anticipated.

Ugandan Contingent Commander, Colonel Paul Lokech, said:

“AMISOM continue to support the TFG forces in taking the offensive to the extremists. We are taking new ground and expanding the secure area in the city every day. AMISOM and TFG forces are now working exceptionally well together and I am very pleased with the way operations are proceeding.

“Taking Bondere District has highly symbolic impact, as the extremists no longer pose a direct threat to Villa Somalia and the heart of government.”

The Government now has eight districts under control: Dharkenley, Wadajir, Hodan, Waberi, Hamar Weyne, Hamar Jabjab, Shangaani and Bondere.

The Districts of Wardigley and Hawl Wadag, encompassing Bakara Market, are now also very close to being taken.

The extremists continue to control Daynille, Kaaraan, Yaqshid and Heliwa. Whilst Shibis and Abdulaziz remain highly contested.

Outcome of the cabinet ministers’ meeting

05 Jun- Source: Office of the Prime Minister – 232 words

In a meeting by the cabinet ministers headed by the prime ministers Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, various ministers tabled their achievements.

  1. Assistant minister of Defense, Abdirashid Muhammad Hidig, explained the operations of the TFG forces in Gedo and Juba regions, also the commander of the Somali military explained the operations in Mogadishu intended to maintain security. The commander said they have taken over new areas from al Shabaab like Hodan and Boondhere.
  2. Finance minister Hussein Abdi Halane put forward plans on the finance institutions in the country. New laws governing the private sector of money transfer and exchange is one of the areas the finance ministry is planning to emphasize on. These plans are meant to change the face of finance in the country. To permit, manage and supervise finance institutions of different sectors in the country is largely targeted by the plans. The cabinet ministers approved these plans and will be taken to the parliament for further approval.
  3. The Prime Minister Farmajo went for a supervisory visit during the meeting to some parts of Mogadishu where he witnessed the opening of the road linking Afisiyone and Eel Gaab Market.


Somali leader, parliament speaker meet in Kampala

06 Jun- Source: Shabelle- 129 words

As efforts to settle-down the deteriorating bickering are underway, the TFG’s president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the speaker of the parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adam met on Sunday in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

Augustine P. Mahiga also attended the meeting to mediate between the two leaders.


AMISOM bases surrendered to the police

06 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 98 words

The police forces of the TFG have taken over the former AMISOM base in Mogadishu. The police spokesman Abdullahi Hassan Barise comfirmed to Bar-kulan that the bases evacuated by AMISOM have been surrendered to the police and security personnels.

The spokesman said the recently taken areas need refurbishment and that the police are temporarily staying in areas near the centres. The new bases are dilapidated and cannot be moved into as of now, according to the commissioner.

Barise urged the police to co-operate and show dedication to the public to prevent problems.

Gedo residents in favour of government term extension

06 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 119 words

Many people gathered in the towns of Garbaharey, Beled Hawo and Luuq in Gedo region are supporting the request of the government for a year extension.

The people asked the international community to mind the requests of the Somali people and government.

The demonstrations come at a time when the government forcess are in direct battle with al Shabaab an gaining territorial control.

Luuq, Beled Hawo and Garbaharey are currently under the control of the government.

Fighting in Hiiraan and claims of victory

05 Jun- Source: BarigaAfrika- 88 words

Heavy gun battle between al Shabaab militia and Ahlusuna Wal Jamaa have been reported at the village of Weyso. Local residents told Barigaafrika that at least three people were reportedly killed in the confrontations.


Somali govt orders NGOs working ín health care to register

04 Jun- Source: Shabelle- 80 words

The TFG’s ministry of health on Saturday ordered all NGOs working in health care to register unless they would face tough action against them.

In a news conference held in Mogadishu, Dr. Adam Hajji Ibrahim, the minister of health said that some non-governmental organizations in the health field have already abide by the order.


Puntland president opposses extension of term for TFG

05 Jun- Source: BarigaAfrika-117 words

The president of the regional state of Puntland Abdurrahman Faroole has strongly opposed the extension of the TFG’s mandate.

Mr. Faroole spelled out that the government has not made any achievement whatsoever during its time in power, adding that there is no reason for extension of its term by a year.

Mr. Faroole made this remarks at the end of Somali contact group meeting held in Kampala, Uganda and stated that it’s vital for elections to be held in Somalia before August this year.


Government forms special force to conduct operations in Somali capital

05 Jun- Source: Radio Shabelle- 200 words

The National Security Committee which is chaired by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad yesterday held a serious meeting at the presidency and discussed a number of important issues, among them the security of the capital.

The meeting which was attended by the president, the ministers of Internal Affairs and Defence as well as senior armed forces commanders focused on the current situation in the country and particularly tightening of security in the capital. Officials of the national security committee are said to have agreed to form a special force comprising of the police, the paramilitary and the military to conduct major operations in Mogadishu in order to operate in parts of the capital that are under the TFG’s control.

Yesterday’s meeting in Mogadishu follows earlier ones on security in which the cabinet put the country on a state of high alert. It also comes at a time when al Shabaab fighters disguised as government forces have carried out a suicide attack targeting AMISOM troops in Mogadishu district of Maka Al-Mukaramma road. It is not yet known what changes these latest decisions by the national security committee will bring to the situation in the capital.

Puntland denies cash seized in Somali airport was destined for region

06 Jun- Source: All Puntland- 175 words

Puntland Administration has denied reports that large sums of money seized in Mogadishu Airport was headed for Gaalkacyo, Mudug Region, central Somalia. Puntland has denied reports that the large sums of money seized by the TFG at the Mogadishu Airport – which is believed to be the payment of ransom for pirate groups holding two foreign ships – was actually destined for the region, as reported by the global media.

The Administration issued the following statement:

“(The) Puntland Administration hereby categorically denies claims made in the Financial Times article on the 27 May, 2011. The article titled Britons held as ransom drop goes wrong claimed that the foreigners arrested in Mogadishu Airport in possession of large sums of money were headed to Gaalkacyo to pay ransom to pirate groups holding two ships.

Puntland Administration categorically rejects claims that ransom money for pirate groups transits through airport in the region. Puntland also wishes to state that it does not have any links with foreign firms that handle the payment of ransom money to pirate groups”.

Al Shabaab execute three people in Mahas, Hiiraan region

05 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 43 words

Al Shabaab displayed the bodies of three youths executed at a public arena of Mahas town of Hiiraan region. Speaking at the public arena, al Shabaab leaders warned the residents that if their sons joined the fight against al Shabaab they would be executed in the same manner.

Somaliland: President celebrates World Environment Day by planting trees

06 Jun- Source: Somaliland press- 220 words

President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed and his vice-president today took part in the celebration of World Environment Day by planting trees in the presidential palace. After planting the trees president Siilanyo took a moment to speak with the press to whom he expressed his concern about Somaliland’s deforestation and encouraging all citizens to celebrate World Environment Day by planting a tree.

June 5th is World Environment Day and is celebrated around the world after the United Nations established it back in 1972 to encourage worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political awareness and action.

President Siilanyo acknowledged that there is more to be done in terms of educating the citizens about deforestation and that his government will do all it can to highlight the issue through education. It has been estimated that that each household in Somaliland consumes an average of ten trees a month.

http://somalilandpress.com/somaliland-president-celebrates-world-environment-day-by-plantingtrees- 22623

Bus drivers complain of al Shabaab

06 Jun- Source: Radio Shabelle- 114 words

Some Somali bus drivers in Lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia complained about al Shabaab which started to extort money from drivers using the streets in that region.

A driver, who spoke to radio Shabelle on condition of anonymity, said that there are several checkpoints in the street between the district of Owdhegle and Afgoye town in Lower Shabelle region.

He said that they were informed the extorted money would be used to repair the broken roads in the region.

“Despite that, we can’t see any road is being repaired or reconstructed”, a driver said in an interview radio Shabelle

A blast targets government forces outside Luuq, Gedo region

06 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 85 words

An explosion targeted a base of the government forces in an area 15 km outside Luuq, Gedo region in which 3 government soldiers were injured, as reported by an eyewitness in the area.

Diyaad Abdi Kaliil, the commanding officer of the soldiers informed Bar-kulan that the attack was planned by al Shabaab and that they are investigating on where the attack was planned from. Mr. Diyaad said they are going to curtail surprise attacks by al Shabaab.


OIC participates in the 19th Session of the ICG Meeting on Somalia

05 Jun- Source: International Islamic News Agency- 197 words

A two-member OIC delegation headed by Amb. Mahdy Fathalla, Director General of the OIC Political Affairs Department, participated in the 19th Session of the International Contact Group (ICG) Meeting on Somalia which took place in Kampala over 2-3 June 2011. The meeting was inaugurated by H. E. Mr. Yoweri Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda.

During the meeting the OIC underlined the urgent need to find a peaceful solution to the Somali crisis and expressed its full support to the Somali Peace Process under the Djibouti Agreement.

The OIC announcement of opening up its Humanitarian Office in Mogadishu was highly appreciated by the participants. H. E. Mr. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed appreciated highly the OIC presence in the Somali capital and conveyed his personal appreciation to the OIC Secretary General.

The meeting was very important and crucial for Somalia as it took place at a time when AMISOM gained significant territory in and around Mogadishu. Three Presidents who addressed the meeting called upon the stakeholders to continue the political process and dialogue.

The closing session was attended by H. E. Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi. Denmark will host the next ICG Meeting on Somalia in October 2011.


How al Shabaab recruitment agents lure Kenyans to Somalia

04 Jun- Source: Daily Nation- 532 words

Saumu Chambulu breaks down at the sight of us at her door. She knows why we have come. As she composes herself, she tells me of the irony of how busy her home has been despite the empty space left by her son Suleiman Hassan.

She knew that she wasn’t always able to provide for her children but was thankful for Suleiman because, even in their poverty, he always found comfort in his faith.

But two years ago, Suleiman left his mother’s home. He began to be seen in the company of other young men of backgrounds similar to his own in Mworoni on the South Coast.

http://www.nation.co.ke/News/How+al+Shabaab+recruitment+agents+lure+Kenyans/- /1056/1175046/-/dm4n9g/-/index.html

Museveni meets Burundi President

05 Jun- Source: New Vision- 84 words

President Yoweri Museveni held talks with President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi during a meeting at State House, Nakasero over the weekend.

Nkurunziza was in the country to close the two-day 19th International Contact Group (ICG) meeting on Somalia at Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo.

The ICG meeting was also attended by Somali Transitional Government president Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

Uganda and Burundi are the only African Union member-countries that have contributed troops to the African Mission in Somalia aimed at restoring peace in the war-torn country.



Progress seen against militants in Somali capital

05 Jun – Source: AP/The Washington Post – 113 words

The African Union force in the Somalia capital says progress is being made against militants in Mogadishu.

The African Union said Saturday that AU and Somali troops have expelled al Shabaab militants from two more districts in the capital.

The AU force also said the body of a suspected militant from Pakistan was recovered after fighting Saturday.

Col. Paul Lokech, a Ugandan commander, said the militants have been pushed back from Villa Somalia, where the Somali government is housed, and that they no longer pose a threat against the government seat.

Somalia has not had a fully functioning government in two decades. The recent offensive against al Shabaab has succeeded in reducing the militants’ territory.

http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jkz3-h_grk1d8MLPIeftXBZS9IQ? docId=2f28fce9f1c24a2c99b793f25cbe02c6

AMISOM says captures key Somali district from rebels

04 Jun – Source: Reuters – 187 words

African Union troops with Somali government soldiers captured a strategic district in the capital Mogadishu from al Shabaab rebels after heavy fighting and casualties on both sides, the AU force said on Saturday.

The AU and government forces are attempting to stabilise the Horn of Africa nation which has without an effective central government for two decades.

Al Shabaab, which professes loyalty to al Qaeda, rejected the report by the AU force, which is known as AMISOM, though local residents confirmed the seizure of the district.

“After fierce fighting, the whole of Bondheere district is in the hands of AU and government forces now,” said Prosper Hakizimana, deputy spokesman for AMISOM.

Located in north Mogadishu, the district is considered strategic because insurgents use positions there to fire shells at the presidential palace.

Hakizimana said AMISOM tanks and soldiers from the government side were in control of the centre of the district as well as the sites of the former embassies of Syria and Italy. “We have killed many al Shabaab including foreign fighters,” he said, adding they also took casualties, including the death of one Ugandan soldier.


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