08 Jun 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • Parliament speaker lambasted over Somali govt’s protracted bickering
  • AMISOM says it will liberate the entirety of Mogadishu
  • Galkaio media houses launch pro-peace programmes
  • Kenyan official threatens Somali Islamists’ “backers” with terror charges
  • Somali PM: ‘Somali meeting in June was postponed’

Titres Principaux:

  • Le porte-parole du parlement pointé du doigt au sujet des querelles continues
  • AMISOM affirme qu’ils libèreront la totalité de Mogadiscio
  • Des agences médiatiques de Galkaio lancent des programmes pour encourager la paix
  • Un représentant Kenyan accuse toute personne ayant des liens indirects avec des membres d’al Shabaab d’activité terroriste
  • ‘La réunion prévue pour Juin a été remise à plus tard’ selon le premier ministre Somalien


Parliament speaker lambasted over Somali govt’s protracted bickering

07 Jun- Source: Shabelle, AHN- 202 words

The TFG’s prime minister on Tuesday accused parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adam of being behind protracted political bickering in the government. PM Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed made the comments at a news conference held in Villa Somalia.


AMISOM says it will liberate the entirety of Mogadishu

07 Jun- Source: Jowhar- 210 words

Speaking in a press conference held by the top commander of AMISOM, general Nathan Mugisha said that the AU troops are to take over the entire territory of Mogadishu very soon.


Armed men kill 11 in central Somalia

07 Jun- Source: Radio RBC – 33 words

At least 11 people were killed and nearly 13 others wounded after a clan militia ambushed passengers in cars in Balisbusle district on the north of Galka’io town, the regional capital of Mudug, RBC Radio reports.

Galkaio media houses launch pro-peace programmes

07 Jun- Source: Raxanreeb- 232 words

Local media houses in Galkaio have decided for the first time to launch peace-supporting programmes in order to encourage development and peace. Following several meetings attended by media individuals and news editors in Galkaio, the houses issued a common agenda which will be aired in the media.


Pro-TFG forces capture more areas in Juba region

07 Jun Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 18 words

Forces allied with the Somali government captured Lower Juba territories from al Shabaab, especially Hawinna and Tabta villages. The troops are likely to be part of the Ras Kamboni group.

Premier Farmaajo: dishonest, indecisive speaker derails TFG

07 Jun- Source: Hiiraan online – 423 words

Somalia’s PM Mohamed Abdullahi on Tuesday criticized the role of the TFG’s parliament speaker while addressing a press conference held at government headquarters in Mogadishu. Abdullahi accused speaker Hassan of failing to respect the will of the Somali people and government.

http://www.hiiraan.com/news2/2011/Jun/premier_farmaajo_dishonest_indecisive_speaker_derail s_tfg.aspx

Somali Army Commander sends stern warning to the public

07 Jun- Source: Bariga Afrika- 117 words

General Commander of Somali armed forces Mr. Abdikarim Yusuf Aden in a press conference today warned the public not to rush to areas recently captured by the TFG forces until the full security is confirmed. He also pointed out the government forces will continue to advance.



Kenyan official threatens Somali Islamists’ “backers” with terror charges

07 Jun- Source: the Star- 193 words

Any person involved in the training or recruiting of al Shabaab will be charged as a terrorist, Kenyan Coast Provincial Police Officer Aggrey Adoli has said. “These individuals must be treated as terror criminals,” he claimed, adding that families who failed to report some of their members’ links to al Shabaab will also be treated as criminals.

Kenyan ‘heads al Shabaab unit’

07 Jun- Source: Daily Nation – 463 words

TFG and AU forces are pursuing a Kenyan individual believed to be heading one of al Shabaab’s troops still holed up in parts of Mogadishu, according to PM Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

http://www.nation.co.ke/News/africa/Kenyan+heads+al+Shabaab+unit/-/1066/1176866/- /xbevw7z/-/


Somali PM: ‘Somali meeting in June has been postponed’

07 Jun- Source: All voices- 190 words

Somali PM Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed yesterday held a press conference in Mogadishu and said that the meeting supposed to be held in mid June in the Somali capital Mogadishu had been postponed due to disagreements and misunderstanding between the TFG’s different authorities.


Somalian gov’t urges pirates to release 7 Indian seafarers

07 Jun- Source: ibnlive.in- 180 words

The TFG today appealed to Somali pirates to release the 7 Indian seafarers of MV Asphalt Venture currently held captive. Somalia’s Ambassador Ebyan Mahamed Salah, who was in Mumbai today to visit Somali detainees here, has appealed to the pirate leaders to release the 7 seafarers.

http://ibnlive.in.com/generalnewsfeed/news/somalian-govt-urges-pirates-to-release-7-indianseafarers/ 717847.html

Minnesota woman IDs alleged Somalia suicide bomber as stepson; authorities working to confirm

08 Jun- Source: Washington post- 840 words

A Somali woman in St. Paul has identified a man thought to have been involved in a recent suicide bombing in Somalia as her stepson, Farah Mohamed Beledi — a 27-year-old who she said was a good kid until he got involved with the wrong crowd.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/minnesota-woman-ids-alleged-somalia-suicide-bomberas- stepson-authorities-working-to-confirm/2011/06/07/AGjYMSLH_story.html

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