07 Jun 2011- Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines:

  • 50 families displaced in Diinsoor Bay region
  • Al Shabaab groups turn on each other in fire exchange in Beledweyn
  • Somali government denies missing medicine equipments
  • Al Shabaab charge Somali women with ululation
  • Bodies of fallen soldiers brought home
  • For Somali pirate victims abuse and long captivity

Titres Principaux:

  • 50 familles deplacées à Diinsoor dans la region de Bay
  • Des groupuscules d’al Shabaab s’affrontent à Beledweyne
  • Le gouvernement Somalien nie avoir besoin de médicaments et d’équipement
  • Al Shabaab pressent des charges contre des femmes Somaliennes pour cause d’ululation
  • Les corps de soldats tombés au combat ramenés chez eux
  • L’abus et une longue captivité pour les victimes de la piraterie Somalienne


the Government of Somalia offers transparent and strong financial protections

07 Jun – Source: Office of the Prime Minister – 270 words

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and AMISOM forces are winning the war against terrorist groups in Mogadishu. TFG and AMISOM Forces have now taken control of Hodon and Bondhere Districts. Extremists have now been cleared from major landmarks and buildings such as the Former Ministry of Interior, the Italian and Syrian Embassies, Bondere District Headquarters, Manopolio Junction, and the Somaliweyne Radio station.

Security successes in Mogadishu provide hope for people to return to their homes. TFG has put all its efforts politically and financially towards security. The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) said “As Prime Minister of Somalia, a position that I am privileged to being entrusted with, I carry, among other things, major financial responsibilities. During my short time in office, my government has instituted a transparent checks and balances apparatus and strong financial protections.

In the course of our battle against Al-Shabaab, we have undertaken alternative financial measures aimed at ending the violent insurgency. Naturally, some of these measures are clandestine and do involve expenditures that are outside the normal budget process. My cabinet is fully informed of these measures and supports them.

As with all other governments, certain intelligence and security matters are neither publicized nor are the source of their funding is publicly disclosed. Suffice it to say that the progress being made against Al-Shabaab in recent months has come at a high price, both in human and financial terms. My government is ultimately accountable to the people of Somalia, and, at the end of the day, should be judged on the progress that we have been making to bring peace and stability to our country.”


50 families displaced in Diinsoor, Bay region

07 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 158 words

More than 50 families fled the areas near Diinsoor of Bay after they were faced with difficulties and problems from al Shabaab in the area.

The exodus of displaced from villages of Habiibayaal and Gurbaan of Diinsoor were pushed to the internally displaced persons camps in Mogadishu. “We are fleeing our homes because we could not tolerate the problems we encounter with al Shabaab in Diinsoor”, one person told Barkulan.

The displaced persons say their animals have been taken by the militias under the pretext of Zakat, alms taken from the Muslims to be given to the poor. Insurgents use the Zakat they take from the people to feed their fighters. Their other animals died in the drought that struck almost all of Somalia.

Puntland leader says Galgala mountains have become safe haven for terrorist group

06 Jun- Source: Mareeg, Somaliarepot- 57 words

Puntland President Abdurrahman Farole declared the Galgala mountains are serving as a safe haven for terrorist group led by Sheikh Ali Atom, which has links to al Shabaab and the Somaliland government. Farole reiterated that when the area was aerially surveyed by Arab nationals (al Qaeda) in 2007, it was determined to be a perfect hiding place for terrorists.

Somali government denies missing medicine, equipment

07 Jun- Source: Shabelle- 93 words

The TFG’s ministry of Health and Social Welfare on Tuesday denied missing medicine and equipment destined for the needy people.

Days ago, traditional elders in Gedo region in southern Somalia have accused the ministry of misusing aid drugs from the United Arab Imarets allocated to assist the diseases-ridden people there.

In an interview with Shabelle radio, minister of Health Dr. Ibrahim stated that all aid medicines were distributed fairly.


Al Shabaab groups turn on each other in fire exchange in Beledweyn

07 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 145 words

Reports from Beledweyn town indicate that two factions of al Shabaab exchanged fire. The factions represented the senior leaders of Hiiraan region and Beledweyn town. The sporadic gun fire exchange lasted for one hour.

No additional detail about casualties of the incident was reported but it is believed the confrontation started between the two senior leaders.

The row has been longstanding and follows a request by the senior leader of Hiiraan, Yussuf Ali Ugas to stop unprecedented killings and torture on the people. Al Shabaab’s leader of Beledweyn, Mohamed Abu Sufyan said anyone violating the rules of the insurgents will be penalized. The conflict between the two senior leaders reached a peak after al Shabaab militias slit the throat of four people hailing from areas of Mahas and Beledweyn.

16 killed in two-day long shelling in Somalia capital

07 Jun- Source: Radio RBC- 198 words

At least 16 people were killed in a two-day long bombardment in Mogadishu where the Islamist rebels are confronting government forces and African Union peace keepers AMISOM, RBC Radio reports.

The shelling started on Sunday after Somalia federal government forces with the backing of AMISOM launched fresh battle to move back al Shabaab fighters from the north portion of the capital. Eye witnesses told RBC Radio that the shelling persisted until on Monday.

“I currently stay in Karan district on the north of Mogadishu; we could not even sleep for long two nights because of the artillery shelling” a woman who asked to remain anonymous said.

She said that many of her neighbors in Karan fled from the district in search of safer places and that her family members were intending to escape to Middle Shabelle region.

Meanwhile Ali Musse Sheikh who is the head of Mogadishu ambulance service told RBC Radio that nearly 20 persons were harmed by shrapnel and were taken to different hospitals.

Al Shabaab open fire on civilians

07 Jun- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 151 words

At least one civilian died and another seriously wounded after al Shabaab opened fire at people selling khat in Alamada, Mogadishu.

The militias fired at the khat sellers in the areas. The militias ordered the sellers to sell their khat at allocated areas in Alamada but turning deaf ears on the orders of the militias, the sellers prefer to sell their khat in areas where they can find a good number of customers and clients.

Al Shabaab have severally and previously ordered khat sellers to stop their business in the areas they control.

Seven children died of malnutrition in southern Somalia

06 Jun- Source: Shabelle, AHN- 230 words

At least seven toddlers were reported to have died of malnutrition in southern Somalia as a result of the drought in the region.

“There are ten more children are right now suffering lack of nutrition as no aid organization is operating in the area” 57 year old Madnuris Ali told All Headline News by telephone in Afgoye town, about 30 kilometers south of Mogadishu.

Children are the most vulnerable in the society because they can not bear hunger and thirst any more, the elderly man said.

“We are calling for Somali businessmen and generous people to act quickly to help us and these kids dying of malnutrition” he spelled out.

Ali said that the Lower Shabelle region was the hardest hit by the drought as dozens of people have already died of hunger and thirst in the last few months.

Early this year, more than ten children under the age of 5 have died of hunger and thirst in southern and central Somalia.



Al Shabaab charge Somali women with ululation

07 Jun – Source -Africa review -252 words

Somalia militants loyal to al Shabaab have seized some15 women in Afgoye district in Lower Shabelle region, some 30 kilometres south of Mogadishu.

The women were accused of ululating at a wedding in the country’s town of Afgoye. Residents said that the women were taken to a detention centre in the district headquarter and have been charged with public expression of joy, which the fanatical Islamists prohibited.

Ululation is very popular among Somali women, especially among women in the southern and central regions who combine with songs and dances locally known as ‘baraanbur’ to grace weddings and other celebrations.

Al Shabaab also apprehended youngsters on Monday 10 youth in the so-called Afgoye- Mogadishu corridor, southwest of the Somali capital, where most of those who fled the war in Mogadishu found shelter.

The youth were accused of playing football, which the Islamists prohibited in May.

On 21st of May, an order from al Shabaab office in Afgoye town ordered the youth to stop playing or watching football. Instead, they were instructed to attend the prayers at mosques and the religious sessions adapted to raise public consciousness on jihad (holy war).

If sentenced, residents in the district assume that the women and the boys may endure fines, jail sentences or public disciplining like flogging.

The militants consider many social expressions like games, music and folk dances as incompatible with Islam. As a result, radios and TVs in the al Shabaab controlled areas have been banned from playing music and other lyrics since April 2009.


Four terror suspects moved to Nairobi

07 Jun-Source: Daily Nation- 74 words

Four Somali terror suspects arrested in Kirinyaga County were yesterday handed over to antiterrorism officials for interrogation.The men suspected to be linked to an international terrorist organization were taken to Nairobi under tight security.

Heavily armed officers arrived at Kerugoya police station, where the suspects had been locked up, in the morning and led them away.

The suspects were seized as they took photographs of the storeyed buildings in Kurugoya town on Sunday.

Bodies of fallen soldiers brought home

07 Jun- Source: Daily Monitor- 280 words

The army yesterday released the identities of the UPDF soldiers killed by al-Shabaab insurgents in Somalia over the weekend. They are Lt. Colonel Patrick Tibihwa, the commander of 23rd Battalion and the deputy commander of Uganda Battle Group Six (Ugabag Six), Lt. Lawrence Tugume from the Tank Battalion, Cpl. Abdullah Isabirye and Pte. Augustine Kuloba.

The army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye, said the bodies were brought home yesterday. Col. Tibihwa hails from Kasese District, Bukonzo County, Mukunyu Sub-County, Nyamahunza Village, while Lt. Tugume is from Kiruhura District. Cpl. Isabirye comes from Masindi District while Pte. Kuloba is from Bududa District, Manjiya County. Col. Tibihwa was killed by a bullet while the rest were hit by mortar shells.

The army sent condolences to the families of the deceased in a statement issued yesterday. “Our heartfelt condolences go to the beloved families of our fallen comrades. As UPDF, we are proud of those tremendous achievements registered by our gallant combatants in Mogadishu. They are succeeding where others could not dare. Their blood has not been shed in vain,” the statement said.



For Somali pirate victims, abuse and long captivity

06 Jun – Source: Reuters – 194 words

Increasingly ferocious attacks by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean are inflicting a rising human cost with thousands of seafarers suffering physical injury and emotional trauma, a report said on Monday.

Defying international patrols, the pirates have deepened their forays in the strategic waterway, prompting some shipping operators to stay away and others to hire armed guards.

Though relatively few of those who have fallen prey to the pirates have been killed, their captivity was often brutal and protracted. “Thousands of people are subjected to gunfire, confinement, beatings, and in some cases torture in the course of doing their jobs,” said the report, published by a piracy working group including members of the shipping industry and funded by the U.S.-based One Earth Future Foundation.

Assessing the scale of the problem was difficult, the report said, as the vast majority of hostages come from developing countries that do not draw broad international attention. Just 6 percent of them have been from OECD countries.

But a survey of various official and media sources showed that at least 4,185 seafarers had faced a direct attack by pirates with firearms in the Indian Ocean or Gulf of Aden.

http://af.reuters.com/article/kenyaNews/idAFLDE75513C20110606?pageNumber=1&virtualBra ndChannel=0

Thai navy anti-piracy unit to join int’l operations off Somali coast next month

07 Jun – Source: mcot.net – 308 words

The Royal Thai Navy will dispatch 369 navy personnel manning two vessels to join international maritime patrol operations fighting piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Somalia, on July 12, according to a senior navy officer.

Vice Admiral Taweewut Pongpiptat, assistant navy chief-of-staff for tactical operations, told a media briefing that the 140-day mission will begin next month with a Bt360 million (some US$12 million) budget allocated for the joint operations with 25 other nations.

The Thai navy contingent is set to depart from Chuk Samet port in the eastern province of Rayong on July 12.

The two Thai navy vessels joining the upcoming international anti-piracy mission are HTMS Narathiwat and HTMS Similan with two units from the Naval Special Warfare Group and two helicopters, Vice-Adm Taweewut added.


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