07 Jun 2011- Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • The Government of Somalia offers transparent and strong financial protections
  • AMISOM deputy head visits injured soldiers
  • Parliament ordinary sessions to reopen
  • Somali elder calls for al Shabaab to surrender
  • UPDF identifies soldiers killed in Somalia
  • Drought crisis leaves struggling Somalia on the brink

Titres Principaux:

  • Le gouvernement Somalien offre des protections financières transparentes et solides
  • Un haut-représentant d’AMISOM visite des soldats blesses
  • Les sessions ordinaires du parlement sur le point de ré-ouvrir
  • Un doyen Somalien appelle al Shabaab à se render
  • L’UPDF identifie des soldats tués en Somalie
  • La crise de la secheresse laisse la Somalie au bord du gouffre


The Government of Somalia offers transparent and strong financial protections

06 Jun- Source: Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia- 275 words

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and AMISOM forces are winning the war against terrorist groups in Mogadishu. TFG and AMISOM Forces have now taken control of Hodon and Bondhere Districts. Extremists have now been cleared from major landmarks and buildings such as the Former Ministry of Interior, the Italian and Syrian Embassies, Bondere District Headquarters, Manopolio Junction, and the Somaliweyne Radio station.

Security successes in Mogadishu provide hope for people to return to their homes. TFG has put all its efforts politically and financially towards security. The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) said “As Prime Minister of Somalia, a position that I am privileged to being entrusted with, I carry, among other things, major financial responsibilities. During my short time in office, my government has instituted a transparent checks and balances apparatus and strong financial protections.

In the course of our battle against Al-Shabaab, we have undertaken alternative financial measures aimed at ending the violent insurgency. Naturally, some of these measures are clandestine and do involve expenditures that are outside the normal budget process. My cabinet is fully informed of these measures and supports them.

As with all other governments, certain intelligence and security matters are neither publicized nor are the source of their funding is publicly disclosed. Suffice it to say that the progress being made against Al-Shabaab in recent months has come at a high price, both in human and financial terms. My government is ultimately accountable to the people of Somalia, and, at the end of the day, should be judged on the progress that we have been making to bring peace and stability to our country.”

AMISOM deputy head visits injured soldiers

7 June – Source: AMISOM – 257 words

Following a week of intense operations in Mogadishu, the Deputy Special Representative for the African Union Mission in Somalia, Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi, visited injured AMISOM troops in hospital in Mogadishu and praised their exceptional courage and dedication. AMISOM have supported the TFG forces in operations to take control of two further districts in Mogadishu, Bondere and Hodan, and the AMISOM hospital is treating and evacuating a number of injured soldiers.

Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi said: “The progress of the combined TFG and AMISOM force is very impressive. They are working together very effectively now and taking ground from the extremists every day.

“I am full of admiration and praise for the courage and dedication of our soldiers. It is sadly inevitable that some will be injured in these security operations, but we have very good medical facilities and committed doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to treat and recover our soldiers. We are very proud of the work they are all doing and we pray that our injured soldiers will have a quick recovery.

“Since bringing the civilian headquarters element to Mogadishu last month, we are very impressed with the progress that is being made. With greater security developing in the city, we can start to deploy more assistance and support to both the Transitional Federal Institutions and the civilian population, especially on the humanitarian front. We are looking at the development of a number of projects which we will announce presently. AMISOM urges the international community to start to look again at the support they can offer.”

Photos – http://bit.ly/mp6bp5

Video – http://bit.ly/je50bM


Parliament ordinary sessions to reopen

06 Jun- Source: Shabelle- 101 words

The leadership of Somali transitional federal parliament on Monday said that the ordinary sessions of the parliament will reopen soon. The deputy speaker of the parliament, Abdiwali Sheikh Mudey, has called for the parliamentarians abroad to return home to participate in those meetings.


Al Shabaab move out from parts of Hiiraan

06 Jun Source: Radio Bar- kulan- 98 words

Al Shabaab have moved out of Raqso, Hees and Jeegaan of Mahaas in Hiiraan region. The militias were seen evacuating the areas towards Mahaas and Bula Burte of Hiiraan. It is said they have moved out after they were unable to defeat the nomadic people whom they have been fighting with in those areas.

Tension between al Shabaab, Ahlu Sunna in central Somalia

06 Jun- Source: Shabelle- 100 words

Reports from central Somalia on Monday said that the atmosphere of Mahas district in Hiran region is very tense as fighting between Somalia’s moderate Sufi group of Ahlu Sunna Waljama and al Shabaab is looming.


Somali elder calls for al Shabaab to surrender

06 Jun- Source: Radio Mogadishu- 106 words

A well-known traditional elder in Somalia capital of Mogadishu Ahmed Dirie Ali has on Monday called for al Shabaab to surrender to the government troops. “I suggest for al Shabaab leaders and their Somali fighters to surrender to the transitional government of Somalia in order to safe for their lives,” said Dirie.

Somali government calls on public transport vehicles to display number plates

06 Jun- Source: Horn Cable TV- 30 words

The Ministry of Air, Land of the TFG has called on public transport vehicles that operate under government-controlled areas to display number plates.

MPs condemn AMISOM for shelling Mogadishu’s populated areas

7 June – Source: Shabelle – 99 words

Some of Somali parliament members on Monday condemned AU forces for random shelling on Mogadishu residential neighborhoods. The parliamentarians accused AMISOM of ignoring their calls of stopping such shelling.


New political party announced in London

7 June – Source: Shabelle – 133 words

A new independent Somali political party was declared on Sunday night in London. At a wellorganized and decorated ceremony in London, Somali People’s Party (SPP), headed by Pro. Saeed Isse Mohammed Wadani, was formed to join to the political arena in war-torn Somalia.



UPDF identifies soldiers killed in Somalia

06 Jun- Source: New Vision- 457 words

Four UPDF peacekeepers, including Lt. Col Patrick Tibihwa, have been killed in Mogadishu. Tibihwa, who was the commanding officer of the 23 battalion, was hit by a stray bullet as he inspected the newly-captured areas around Bondhere district on Saturday. Tibihwa is the highest ranking UPDF officer to be killed in Mogadishu.


Somali gov’t, AMISOM claim to be winning war against extremists

06 Jun- Source: APA, Afrique Avenir -185 words

The TFG and AMISOM forces on Monday claimed that they are winning the war against terrorist groups in Mogadishu. According to a statement, the extremists have now been cleared from major landmarks and buildings such as the former Ministry of Interior, the Italian and Syrian embassies, Bondere district headquarters, Manopolio Junction, and the Somaliweyne Radio station.

http://www.afriqueavenir.org/en/2011/06/06/somali-gov%E2%80%99t-amisom-claim-to-bewinning- war-against-extremists/


Drought crisis leaves struggling Somalia on the brink

06 Jun- Source: The Guardian – 601 words

The current drought in Somalia is no ordinary drought. It is the worst the country has seen in 36 years. Most areas have received little or no rain for nine months. Pasture is depleted and cattle and goats are dying in large numbers, leaving thousands of animal carcasses littering the roadsides. People are seeing riverbeds dry for the first time in their lives.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/poverty-matters/2011/jun/06/somalia-devastatedby- drought-crisis

Somaliland court sentences six captured pirates to jail terms

06 Jun – Source: Bloomberg- 159 words

Six Somali pirates were jailed by a Somaliland court for capturing an Italian vessel in April 2008 and receiving a $3 million ransom. The Berbera Regional Court gave five of the pirates eight-year jail terms, while a sixth received a sentence of five years after he confessed to the crime, Osman Ibrahim Direi, head of the court, said yesterday.

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-06/somaliland-court-sentences-six-captured-piratesto- jail-terms.html

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